Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun With People Who Work in Places Where they Have to Wear Name Tags

I have heard somewhere that person's favorite word is their own name. The children that I work with really love it when I remember their name, however the use of names in Korea seems rather taboo since you have to call everyone brother, sister, aunt, uncle, principal, or by some other title that isn't there name.

So just for fun I am proposing this game. Many people in Korea wear name tags for their service professions. People who work at bank, dunkin donuts, or Baskin Robbins. So here is a fun game to play with these service professionals that might lift up their skirts a bit.

Walk into some place and get waited on by someone, as you leave say "Thank You, and then say their name on their name tag.

Or go into some place, read the name tag of the person working and say.

"Hi 태경."

I did this to a girl at Dunkin Donuts today and really surprised her.

So try it, and leave comments below.

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