Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hearbreak vs Atlas

On my journey to morbid obesity, I have just had the epiphany that Korean candy bars are much cheaper than American.

At the local Hanaro mart in Geumsan I can choose between a Hershey bar with almonds or two Korean Snickers like candy bars with almonds. Those candy bars are the Lotte "Atlas," bar that boasts almond power. Or the Orion "Heartbreak" bar. I will be reviewing those in the sections below.

Atlas soft texture, really sweet. It is too sweet. I feel somewhat sick eating it. It needs washing down.

Heartbreak A more chewy and tough texture, and more defined flavor profiles. I am going to declare the heartbreak the winner of the Korean candy bar contest. Overall the heartbreak gave me a more satisfied feeling. I couldn't finish the heartbreak during this test because the Atlas seems intent on giving me a case of hyperglycemia.



..... said...

yes. atlas is too sweet.
my favorite is 자유시간.(freetime)

3gyupsal said...

Free time, that's a good one too, I have to remember that one next time.

hwarangi said...

There was a wrapper for the 'Crunky - Tiramasu' in the rubbish bins at work. Im not sure if its a chocolate bar or an ice-cream, but I'd like to suggest it for your next review.

3gyupsal said...

Wow, 'crunky tiramisu,' sounds interesting. I need to find that tomorrow. 'crunky' is a great Korean candy bar. My only problem with them is that you have to find them when they are fresh or else they smell a bit like dog biscuits. But taking all of the genious of 'crunky' and adding tiramisu just sounds like magic.