Saturday, August 15, 2009

If you live in Jinju.....

If you live in Jinju and want a nice (expensive) western meal, don't go to VIPs or Outback go to the Asia lakeside hotel, on Jinyangho. I am very serious about this. That place will be the location of my wedding this October, so we went there to have lunch today.

There are two restaurants there. One is Japanese, the other seems to be French and Italian. I had eaten at the Japanese one before, and found the sushi to be a cut above the normal sushi that you can get other places. A highlight of that meal was some kind of pan seared tuna like fish that they called an oil fish, that was great.

Today Gff/booin and I went to the western restaurant. I had a tenderloin and seabass combo, and she had some baked seafood spaghetti. Hers had some giant shrimp and other shellfish in it. Normally I don't like shrimp, but I tried one of hers and found it to be great.

My meal was excellent, the tenderloin was in a brown sauce that had some balsalmic. I cut the tenderloin with my butter knife. I had never tried sea bass, but this bass was served in a safron sauce that carried a nice mild flavor. Served with the meat and fish were some zuccini, a mushroom that i am forgetting the name of right now, in Korean it is called a Soangi mushroom I forgot the more common Japanese name, also a bacon wrapped thing.

To all folks who live in Jinju, if you want to go spend about 60,000 won on a meal for two, skip the Outback, and the Vips, go to the Asia Lakeside Hotel.


Anonymous said...

Im planning to visit Jinju for the lantern festival on October, so thanks for the info.

And congratulations and good luck for your coming wedding.

3gyupsal said...

Okay, if you are coming to Jinju for the lantern festival, I wouldn't recomend the Asia Lakeside hotel since the festival and that particular hotel aren't close. Also Jinju's famous foods are: Grilled Eel, raw beef bibimbab, and there are a few famous naengmyun restaurants.

The Nam river runs through downtown Jinju, which is where the festival takes place and along that river there are many and motels are there, plus a large hotel called the "Dong Bang" (Don't expect any empty rooms if you hesitate in making reservations.)

The festival has many different kinds of foods to choose from. In my opinion the festival food doesn't taste that good and it is pretty expensive, but all of the famous Eel restaurants are next to Jinju fortress, which is also pretty much in the heart of the festival. I have been to one place not during the festival called Yoo Jeong Jang Uh, and that was pretty good, pretty pricey but also pretty good.

If you probe deep into downtown Jinju, you can find the central market. There, there are two places to eat raw beef bibimbab, there is Jaeil shick dang, and Chung Hwang Shick dang. The later was founded in 1925, and has been passing down the recipe for all of those years, and the former has pretty nice tasting bibimbab.

But if you are really interested in the Asia Lakeside hotel, from the central bus terminal, you have to cross the street and take bus 26,26-1, 70, 70-2, (if you can read Korean just take any bus that goes to Jin Yang Ho, (sorry my computer can't write Korean). Take the bus all the way to the end and then walk all of the way up the hill until you get to the Asia lakeside hotel, if you look to your right, there is a zoo, if you keep heading up the hill thre is an observation deck.

Enjoy the festival, it is pretty cool if you have never been there before, if you come around the 3rd of October, the Jinju silk festival runs with the Lantern festival. Jinju makes 90% of Korea's silk and various silk products are for sale and on display, it is a good time to buy a tie, or a scarf or something (If you have a wife, girlfriend, or mom)

Anonymous said...

Wow thats very informative. I love grilled eels, and im sure ill try that when i get there. I was always fascinated by the lantern festival in Jinju based on what ive seen in pictures. So this year, i will surely go and visit. Thanks again