Monday, November 24, 2008

The Wedding Dreams of Korean Girls

I have to wonder about them. In the minutes of spare time between cram school classes I have to wonder about the Cinderella weddings that these girls dream of. I wonder if it includes people stuffed into a room with friends and relatives talking in the back. I wonder if these kids lie in bed thinking about the magical moment when they can walk under the bladed arches of college girls dressed as drum majors wielding swords. What girl wouldn't dream of having the voice from the subway that announces the stops announce your nuptials at the conclusion of the ceremony?

This of course is the 15 minute ceremony that prefaces 30 minutes of photography including a photo of the woman chosen to be photographed catching the bouquet. What follows is a buffet lunch in the attached cafeteria. Here the bride can't expect to be not cut in line as an old man dives in front of her to fill his plate with limp spring rolls and steamed tater tots. Luckily this ordeal only last about two hours.

People are rushed out as the next wedding happens and the drum majors re assume their positions wearing their white gloves and lighting different candles on the top of the same prop cake from the wedding before. A mini skirt gestapo lurks around as well, picking up flower petals and escorting brides from photogenic faux love seats to somewhere else. Cinderella indeed.

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