Thursday, November 20, 2008

Conversation with woman in restaraunt

Oh hello there, yes I was just eating. I see that you can kind of speak English. You must think I want to talk to you. Oh really your daughter lives in Canada? You have a Canadian son in law? Wow we have two continents in common!!! Yes you are standing in front of me and I am not making any eye contact with you. I am eating my food quicker. You must be an expert in reading body language, I don't want to be left alone to enjoy my meal, I want you to keep asking me about how long I have lived in Korea and where I work. Yes the food here is delicious, and no I don't want to eat it, I want you to ask me where I live.

Oh what's that? Is that the "Watch tower?" You must be a Jehova's witness. No, I don't "know jehova's witness" those syllables just fell out of my mouth some how, I must have been speaking tounges. The bible? What in tarnation is that, I have never heard of that thing before, is that some kind of home financing scheme? Well thank you very much for these nice magazines, the articles look fantastic. I was just wondering if there were any pointers in this fine periodical about how to interupt other people's lunches. I want to return to my country and talk to Asians having lunch in a food court in Korean uninvited. I'm sure they will find that charming. Hey I did some karate like stuff when I was a kid, I'll make some knife hands and say wa cha cha cha. I'll notice how well they use forks and knives and comment on it.

Oh you are leaving now? I was having so much fun. Chal ga!!!

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