Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dong Yang Magic

I am dedicating this post to one of my best friends. I am dedicating this post to my friend the Dong Yang Magic EON-C2035 electric oven. I bought this oven about a year ago when I first took my middleschool job in Jinju. Now I work in the public school system in the EPIK program in Korea. As a part of that job, the government furnishes me an apartment on a budget. On my own budget I bought this oven out of a sheer desire to cook roasts and pies. I am completly happy with the purchase because I own this wonderful piece of equipment that I can take with me whenever it is that I leave this job.

Let me tell you about how wonderful it is. Tonight, I cooked a chicken. The chicken was partially frozen, but that didn't matter. I threw some oil and some seasoning on it.

Then I selected number 17 on the oven. 17 is the Tongdak (roast chicken) button.

After 45 minutes of washing dishes and mashing potatoes I have this crispy, juicy, fully cooked, fall off the bone tender, roast chicken.

Now I understand how this may appear burned. That is my fault. I added onion powder to the outside for flavor and it is the onion powder that burned, kind of the way a beer can chicken rub gets burned. Part of the magic about the oven is that when it cooks chicken, it partially steams it, so the inside is just wonderfully tender, yet it makes the outside succulently crispy. Also for only 45 minutes, you can seriously save money whenever you get that chicken urge.
I'm sorry that this post is a bit of a shill for an apliance company. I would also like to apoligize to anyone comming to this site to hear some awsome Korea stories about getting into sword fights or about cool Asian looking things. I promise those to come in the future, but at any rate I hope you liked my story about 21st century chicken cooking technology.

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