Monday, November 17, 2008

Conspiracy Regarding the Swedish Free Masons Who Control Popular Music

Well you heard it here first. I am very proud of my blog for this next post.

I stumbled upon an online only movie called "Zeitgeist" It can be watched through google videos. I have to say that the movie is thoroughly entertaining, if you are into conspiracy theories. The movie is about the new testament and how it is really about astrology. It is about how 911 was fabricated, and it is also about how the bank of the federal reserve is controlled by bankers who want to incite fear and make money off of wars.

Now, I don't put much stock into those claims, but the movie seemed to draw heavily from this guy named Jordan Maxwell. Jordan Maxwell is this guy who goes to various places and gives PowerPoint presentations on the Bavarian Illuminati, Free Masons, Astrotheology (stuff about how the new testament is about Babylonian astrology.) Jordan Maxwell also has some stuff on google videos. Also interesting stuff if you want to look busy at work.

I may have said this before, but I live in Korea. Part of my living in Korea makes me slightly aware of Korean popular culture. I am aware of the fact that Korean song bird Gwon Bo-ah is releasing her first single in the U.S. If you are in America right now and hear some dreadful song that bears the hook of "I'm gonna eat you up." You are probably listening to Boa. If she is successful in prosecuting a hit song in the United States, it could be a big thing for Asian Americans and Asian pop singers in general, since the billboard charts have been a bit of an unmovable object for people of Asian decent.

Now I have reason to think that she might be on to something, and it has nothing to do with her talent. Sure she can sing and dance, but I happen to believe that there are much more powerful forces governing the popular music industry than talent. And that powerful force is the secret society of Viking hit makers based out of Sweden.

After seeing Momma Mia, I don't think that anyone can deny their power. ABBA was one of the earliest examples of Swedish hit making potency. Years passed and the Swedes raised their heads again with Ace of Base. Before Brittany Spears's star shined, she went to Sweden in order to work with producers there.

And Ooops, guess what, they did it again. Indeed the Swedish producers Bloodshy and Avante are responsible for the hopes and dreams of Korean pop music in the west. If the world view of Jordan Maxwell is correct, then that could mean that the secret societies that decide the flow of capital may also decide the flow of expertly engineered pop tracks, well choreographed popping and locking, and record sales. Except it is my belief that the pop music secret society has a distinctively Swedish persuasion.

Sweden, Korea, Brittany Spears, ABBA, Boa, you decide. You all know where I stand.

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