Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top 5 Korean T.V. Shows that Seem to Last Hours

Korean T.V. shows tend to start at odd times. My favorite show these days, "High Kick," goes from 7:45 to 8:10. The show is very entertaining but it is too short. Unfortunately there are a great many T.V. shows that make me want to run from the house screaming when there is nothing to do on the weekends.

1. Infinity Challenge

The show may have had its day a long time ago, but these days it seems like they are just killing time. How often can you watch guys driving somewhere? Or a bunch of guys running around Seoul doing some kind of scavenger hunt?

2. One Night and Two Days

See above, plus add guys playing rock paper scissors in the woods.

3. Challenges of Manhood

Okay this show had its moments. It was okay when they organized a choir....the first few episodes. It is kind of interesting that a new brand of Ramyeon came from this show. (꼬꼬면) But by and large this show is extraordinarily boring. It is so mind numbing that when the show comes on, it makes blogging look fun.

4. The Gag Concert

It's like Saturday night live with an entire cast of Cheri O'teri, and best of all, their microphones are taped to their faces!

5. Happy Together

What could be more fun than watching people wearing robes in a sauna locker room talking? Anything!!!!

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