Sunday, December 5, 2010

Raw Fish

Had my first experience yesterday in going to a Hwe Jib. Usually when I go out for raw fish, the wife and I usually hit up some Japanese style place that serves bunches of side dishes first and then they throw in fillets of raw fish on gobs of vinegared rice (Cho Bab). After last Chuseok though, I started to develop a taste for the sour red pepper paste that Koreans serve with their sushi called cho jjang.

I enjoy the stuff immensely now. So yesterday in a fit of raw cuttlefish craving, we struck out all over town in search of a fix.

We didn't find a cuttlefish place. What we did find though was a place that had a 10,000 won lunch special.

And special it was. We were treated to a first small little plate of raw cuttle fish, some steamed flounder, some vegetables in red sauce, some vegetables in yellow sauce, some smoked duck, and some smoked duck. The lady then later brought out a little shrimp pancake with terriyakki sauce on it. Then came a plate of halibut filets, and some halibut on rice, then a plate of chap chae.

After that came the last course of soup and rice. The soup was a bit too salty but the rice was good. A freaking huge meal for two for just 20,000 won. I have been here for years and the amount of food you can get for super cheap still surprises me.

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