Sunday, December 19, 2010

Public Service Post About The Weather

This post is a public service to new people in Korea about how to stay warm in the winter. I have lived in Korea for about five years. Even though I come from the state of Michigan, where winters can get well below zero, that is below zero Fahrenheit, which is different than below zero Celsius. Before I came to Korea, I didn't know how to deal with temperatures in the metric system, so here are some tips for staying warm.

1. Sleep under blankets. Blankets help you keep you warm by helping to retain body heat.
2. Turn on your heater
3. Wear clothes.
4. When you go outside wear a coat.
5. If you live outside, build a fire.
6. Eat cold soup. (I don't know why you should do that, but it sounds good.)
7. Go swimming in the ocean. When you get into the water it will feel really cold, stay in the water long enough to get used to the cold, but not long enough to die of hypothermia. After that go sit in a sauna somewhere or take a hot shower. Or just skip the swim and take a hot shower or go to a sauna.

I hope that other ESL instructors, from the Northern U.S. or Canada can find these tips helpful.


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Have you been reading Chris' "wonderful" site again?

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