Monday, February 8, 2010

Sweet Idea

See if you can follow my train of thought.

Okay so for the last two weeks I went on my honeymoon with my wife in New York city. One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the Broadway musical, "Rock of Ages."

"Rock of Ages," was pretty super badass and I'm not afraid to admit it. It is a musical set to some great anthems of the eighties.

Since I saw it I have been having anthem rock greats from Whitesnake, Damn Yankees, and Journey, coursing through my head. The musical made me want to point out where Kalamazoo is on my hand. I have also developed an unprecedented interest in Ted Nugent since then.

I think that since hair rock has gone out of fashion the world has missed out on some great shit. That is why I want to revive it in Korea. That's right. We need to get Girls Generation out there makin people's faces melt. Hell there are nine of those little bimbos tramping around all the time, but they never have bitchin guitar solos or just go completely balls to the wall.

Here is my proposal. There are nine girls in Girls Generation. They should totally all do this one song where they each get a two minute solo with a one minute verse in between. They should also get this drummer who takes like five minutes to go completely apeshit. Keeping with the zeitgeist of Kpop they should also make an intricately choreographed dance where the girls line up single file, strut around and make suggestive hand gestures, but they should also head bang.

I think that would be totally sweet.

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