Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Name for Korean New Year

I enjoyed celebrating Korean New Year A.K.A. Seollal yesterday. I had an excellent time with the in laws, but I think that it should renamed to better capture the spirit of the holiday.

1. Soup-a-palooza: I think I ate five bowls of soup yesterday. When my wife and I arrived at her parents house we had a bowl of rice cake soup. Later about fifteen of her closest relatives arrived and did the Jesa ceremony. After that we all ate a monster sized meal. I had two bowls of a soup called "Tang Gook." Then around two, the mother in law came around and asked us if we wanted to have lunch. I asked my wife what the huge feast was that we ate around ten o'clock. She said that was breakfast, then I asked her what the bowl of soup we had in the morning was. She said that was a snack. Bowl of soup count by three o'clock: 5

2. Sit on the floor and eat day.

3. Would you like some more? Day.

4. Seriously I can't breath I'm full, Day.

5. Please, please, stop bringing me food.

Luckily everything tasted great and I am very grateful to my wife's family for taking me in and including me in their holiday. I was happy to wear my hanbok for the second time, it isn't everyday that you get to wear a big silk outfit, it's twice a year and maybe on other special occasions. To all the readers of this blog, have a lucky and prosperous new year.

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