Monday, February 8, 2010

The Most Worthless Week in the Korean School Year

There are many worthless weeks in the Korean school year. This is because Korean administrators insist on having class in times between final exams and school breaks. However right now I am in the midst of a week of school that is simply unexplainable and completely useless.

Now I don't really like to Bitch about my job that much. As a Michigander, I recognize how lucky I am to at least have a job, but no matter how shitty jobs I have had in Michigan, and I can't say that my current job is at all shitty, I could at least explain many of the annoyances that I experienced.

Currently I am teaching classes for one week in February that is between the Winter break and the so called Spring Break. I have no idea why it is necessary for both students and teachers to come to school during this week. At the end of this week the third graders will graduate and go on to high-school. Still this doesn't make any sense. These kids took their final exam back in November, the first and second graders took their final exams during the second week of December. Since then we have had two weeks of school, a six week break, and now we are coming back to school for one finale week.

Luckily, I only have one more class with third graders, who are much more difficult than usual, and then they graduate. But I peered in other classes to see what other teachers were doing, and I found many instances of movie watching.


So why do we have to come back for a full week of school if the only thing that students expect to do is watch movies? Who are the geniuses who came up with this school schedule? Hell just let the students take their final exams and then let them go home. Or use the extra two to five weeks at the end of the second semester as time to prepare the students for their final exams, maybe then the students could get better prepared for their tests so that the school doesn't have to create extra classes during the mornings and nights.

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