Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Series of Blog Posts that Nobody could Possibly Care about Except Me

Hello Everybody. I have been gone for a while, I was spending a lot of time doing things like getting married, preparing to get married, and just being lazy and not writting in my blog. Now that I have completed all of those tasks, I plan on starting a series of restaurant reviews for the area of Geumsan myun in Jinju. 진주시 금산면. I don't know if I should include pictures of those places or not but I think the reviews will go in this order.

1. Kimbab House
(By far my favorite restaurant in Geumsan.)

2. The Kimbab Chung gook that is in front of Nong Hyub.

3. The Kimbab Chung gook that is next to the stationary store.

4. Ji Jung Hwan's Imshil Cheese pizza

5. And Finally lotteria.

For all of those people out there who do not know, Geumsan is a suberb of Jinju. It is a quaint area of farms and apartment buildings. There is almost no traffic there during the day time, and people are few and far between. On the other hand there are many somewhat new apartment buildings, an airforce base, a nice little lake, and a mountain that has two peaks called, wol ah san, 월아산. Honestly there aren't many culinary delights in Geumsan apart from Kimbab places and meat grilling places, (Too much grease for lunch) but I do enjoy dining in the Geumsan area. I figure next week I'll dine in each of the places that I mentioned before and give a little write up about them. I may edit the list though. I had some Carbonara in Ji Jung Hwan's pizza, and later that night I had a terrible headache. I am not saying the two are related but I'll have to see how I feel before trying that place out again. (They also surprised me with the bill, the lady pushed some pinaple soda on me when I was ordering, me thinking it was free, took the bait and was later surprised to find out that it cost me 1500 won, 참)

So see you all next week.


hwarangi said...

I eagerly await your reviews, as I need to know whether there is a marked difference between venues 2 and 3.

3gyupsal said...

Will, do the reviews will be delayed by about a day though, becuase my wife is making 김밥 for lunch tomorrow. I guess I am going to have a full week of 김밥, for lunch!!