Monday, October 26, 2009

Apologies for the Delay

I promised last week that I would be bringing you all restaurant reviews for the finest dining in Geumsan Myeon. Unfortunately I couldn't adhere to that promise so far since both yesterday and today I had lunches made for me by my dear wife of two going on three weeks now.

That said, I have to say that the lunches made by my wife were fine dining experiences in their own right. One might ask, "Why you crazy bird. You school provides food for you, why not just eat in the cafeteria instead of wasting all that time and money? Are you mad?"

In a word, yes. Yes I am a bit stricken with the vapors of Delphi, and my lunches outside of school grounds is nothing but pure tonic for the humors. It is said that the extroverted among us find solace in camaraderie and busy areas like middle school lunchrooms where teachers dine and police the area, ensuring that students with full trays or half empty trays don't bump into students waiting in line for their slop. Teachers also make sure that students don't mix genders in their seating assignments, and make sure that tables fill up with due efficiency and speed. It is because of this highly controlled, yet highly chaotic situation that I choose to leave school grounds after spending a few hours trying to control chaos in an incomprehensible language.

Both yesterday and today I retreated to the scenic splendors of Geumho lake seen at the beginning of "The Final Wol Ah San Video". (Not a video I recommend) Yesterday I heartily devoured some tuna kimbab 참치 김밥 made for me by my wife. While we are still trying learn how to use our rice cooker it should be noted that yesterday's 김밥 was extremely edible. It lacked the normal mayonnaise that normally goes into making tuna Kimbab, but that could be considered a heart healthy plus. I finished the Kimbab and two 귤 rather quickly and then I departed on the walk back to the school.

Today was a bit different. She had made some fried rice for lunch, using the leftover Kimbab ingredients. I worried about about the quality of the fried rice, but soon found that my worries were unnecessary, and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, once again while taking in nature and all of its glory. Unfortunately I hit a bit of a snag to day as well. I was thinking of this blog post today, and I fully intended to take a picture of my view as I ate, but instead of forgetting my camera today, I learned that the battery had died and needs recharging.

That only emboldens my plan for tomorrow.

1. Charge my camera battery.

2. Go to the 김밥 청국 that is next to D.C. mart, and in front of 농협 .

3. Get some 김밥.

4. Go to 금호지.

5. Wax poetic about the crispiness of the 금산 김밥 청국 단무지.

See you then :)

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