Friday, October 30, 2009

김밥청국 1 부

Today for lunch I dined at the Kimbab Chungook that is next to D.C. Mart in Geumsan. Sorry no photos because my camera battery is dead and I only sort of suck as a human being.

Anyway I may have mentioned before in a post that there are two Kimbab Chungooks in Geumsan. My school lies between the two of them on an elevated piece of land that is not quite a mountain, but is a bit of an excruciating hill to walk up from each side. At any rate, today's lunch featured a dilemma as to which Kimbab Chungook to go to . A: Do I go to the one next to D.C. mart on one side of the land mass that I will refer to as 중학산 or do I go to the one that I have never been to before? I opted for the former and before I knew it I was greeted warmly at the door by the owners.

For my lunch I had a tuna Kimbab, a salad Kimbab, and an order of Kimchi mandu. Usually I am quite impressed with this branch's 단무지 or the yellow pickled radish that usually comes inside of a Kimbab, the 단무지 is usually crispy, but today it wasn't. I have to say that the kimchi mandu exceeded my expectations in that it was not too spicy and it also did not give me heart burn later.

I am sorry for this incomplete post but my computer keyboard is pissing me off. For some reason I can not type apostrophes so I am getting angry as I write this so tune in next week as I tackle the other 김밥 청국.


..... said...

probably. kimbab chun gook.

3gyupsal said...

Damnit, thank you .... for the input, I'll change that as soon as I'm the mood for a task like that.