Thursday, July 12, 2012


Haven't posted in a while. Sorry. I enjoyed my first garden tomato of the year. It was sweet and helped to complete an awesome tuna melt. Haven't had much to say,I've been busy. Also my computer is broke and it is a bitch to write blog posts on an iPad. I had some rage towards my former employer, but I got paid in the end. Word of the day: 청구서. It is a kind of bill. I faxed one to my old middle school after completing an after school program. They took about a month to pay me, but I sent them a bill and got my money the next day. I've been in Korea for about six or seven years now. It isn't interesting to bitch about the place anymore. Don't climb mountains in the summer. It is hot, and caterpillar fur itches like a bitch. About two weeks ago I went on another failed mountain adventure, by myself, and was itchy for a week. I thought it was poison ivy, but it wasn't. I found a cave though. This was on 방어산. This mountain is between Haman and jinju. It is pretty big and pretty remote. It tops off at an elevation of 500 something meters. I didn't make it to the top because I lost the trail shortly after I found the cave. I head never seen a cave before. They aren't common in Michigan. But I was like, shit, there's a cave. It was too dark to go inside and I didn't want a cave in, or find Sasquatch or a dead body so I just left. But shit, I saw a cave.

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