Saturday, May 21, 2011

Orange Caramel

I remember when I was a kid, my parents used to buy bulk brach's candies when they were on sale. They had these little caramel snacks called royals. One of the royal's flavors was orange. It was a piece of caramel wrapped around some orange taffy. I like them when I was a kid.

Many years later, 3 members of the pliedis entertainment-super-girl-group After School formed a sub group called orange caramel.

Orange Caramel has released three songs. Two of them are quite terrible, and one is a pretty good dance song. The group has progressed in a very bizzare fashion. Their first two songs "Magic Girl, and "aing" features the girls dressed up like sexy children's show hosts. The songs are very childish, but for some reason men seem to love them. It isn't too pronounced but you can kind of here a bunch of guys in the audience flipping out about this song.

Now here is aing, and you can here some freaking out in the audience. I'm guessing the guys liked their outfits....I'm not saying I wouldn't hit that but damn, why get all hot and bothered over a kid's song?

Now on to the song that I actually do kind of like, Bankok City. This song really doesn't fit the pattern. I mean they go from being little red riding hoods to girls in clubs singing about Bankok. I read the English subtitles to the song, and apparently the song is about a girl in a club wanting to be hit on by some guy. A slight departure from being a magic girl who grants wishes. Aside that I actually like the song. It has good beats and the singing is kind of sultry. For some reason I like dance music in the spring. I remember around this time last year I wanted to listen to "Everything But the Girl's" "Missing," all of the time.

I do have a few bones to pick with the actual video though. First of all, Bankok is very hot and humid, yet those girls are supposedly in a Bankok club wearing full body suits. Secondly, who the hell wears a bra over their shirt? Check out the chick 34 seconds in. Seriously though, the song isn't too bad.

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