Saturday, August 14, 2010

Example of Korean Awesomeness II

The in-laws.

It might sound strange, but I really like my in-laws. These people are pretty sweet. Today was my birthday, and my mother-in-law made a pretty large, and delicious, meal for me and the rest of the family. Not only that but they also gave me some pretty nice birthday gifts as well.

That is pretty much standard for birthdays in general, but despite the language barrier, they do make me feel welcome. Last week my wife was away on a business trip, so her niece sent me a text message about going to a river valley for a picnic with everybody. So not having anything else to do, and not wanting to seem like a party pooper, I went with them all without much reservation or hesitation to the picnic. Once again a good time with great food. I wish they wouldn't fawn over how they think that I'm not having a good time, because I was having a good time. I'm just shy.

Other things are pretty cool about them too. They really like to try to keep to tradition. They I went with them out to the country one time to celebrate something called Shisa. This is a kind of celebration to honor ancestors. Also the MIL (Mother-in-law) is like Mcguyver in the kitchen. She makes all the sauces like pepper paste, and soy sauce.

So big ups to the in-laws. Whenever I start to fret about people in Korea, I just remember my family and I remember that everyone is just a person.

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