Monday, August 30, 2010

Back from the Lakelands

Visited Michigan two weeks ago. It was a nice trip, I saw my family and looked at lakes. Minnesota boasts of having 10,000 lakes. Michigan has something like 12,000.

I flew from Detroit to Kalamazoo, and then from Kalamazoo to Detroit. When you fly over Michigan in the twilight, it kind of looks like a driveway that had been rained on.

I kind of wish I could live there, except there is an unemployment rate of about 14% there, and I'm pretty sure that if I were to find work there I could only make a pretty terrible salary only after searching for for a job for three or for months.


Jaywoodseyo said...

FYI: Minnesota has waaaay more than 10,000 lakes. But I like Michigan. Hell, I was born there. Love the U.P. for camping and scarring the shit out of towines who never get to see black folks.

3gyupsal said...

Yeah, that thing about the lakes is something that we say to make ourselves feel better. And I have no beef with Minnesota, except for Michelle Bachman, but you guys also have Prince and Tom Friedman.