Sunday, June 27, 2010

Totally Forgot

I totally forgot to mention the hot fashions that can be purchased outside or in markets just meters from buckets of pig heads or squid.

A few years ago I bought a Hawaiian shirt in Jinju's central market. Koreans told me that I looked like an "Ajeoshi," but in the summer of 2008, I went home to Michigan for a couple weeks. While in Michigan, my wife and I took a two day trip to Chicago for some sight seeing, I was wearing that shirt, and two people, two complete strangers, one woman who worked at a lucky brand shop, and just some dude walking around a sack fifth avenue gave the shirt some mad props. The guy even asked me where I got it, and I was like, "Sorry man, you gotta go to Korea."

Anyway don't look over the road shops, or the clothes that the old guys wear, because it seems that that type of fashion is all the rage in Chicago.

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