Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jinju is better than any other mother f***ing city in Korea

Eat it bitches. I'm going to add some "Kid Sister" music to hammer home my passion for the city.
Just look at it!
That is 척석루. Once designated the greatest pavilion in all of Gyeongsang province. That's one F***ing awesome pavilion.

No in all seriousness. In front of that pavilion is a rock where a lady named Nongae killed a Japanese general, after the Japanese took over the city in 1592. A few nights ago I was walking on this walkway with my wife, and there was a crane sitting on that rock. The crane was just sitting there hanging out. It was pretty cool. The obsidian river reflected the lights on the water and there were two pavilions, rocks, and cranes. Then the crane flew away.
And then there is Wol ah San
Not many cities have so many cool defining aspects. I climbed the left peak in wol ah san yesterday for the third time. That is one helluva workout. My wife and I were gone for two hours going up, and about forty five minutes going down. Lunch/dinner was naengmyeon.
Then there is also some awesome lakeness. Here is a photo from my wedding back in October. How many f***ing Korean weddings have you been too that look this nice?

Jinju is awesome.

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