Monday, June 22, 2009

Fell off the wagon a bit, but back on.

Last week was kind of hectic. The weekend before last I went to teach an English camp out in the wilderness and had to eat non diet foods. I restrained from the temptations of ice cream and stuff like that, but once the camp was finished I found it necessary to indulge in a bit of Kalbi. For those of you who don't know, Kalbi is a magical Korean rib barbecue dish that is generally prepared at the table over open coals. Last Sunday I had Kalbi at perhaps Jinju's finest Kalbi spot, hyosung kalbi. Tender, sweet morsels of pork rib grilled over bamboo charcoal made both me and my stomach smile. Topped off with a small bowl of cold noodles (Naengmyun, video to come) made for a nice end to a hectic camp day.

The next day I still couldn't keep to the diet since I went over to my fiance's house, both to have her parents see that I was a fit spouse, but mostly to memorialize her grandfather in the Korean ceremony called a "Jessa." I had to eat a lot on that day as well, since a Jessa celebration involves a feast.

Monday also marked the end of phase one of my instinct dieting. This meant that I could resume consuming alcohol. Since I was at the camp during the weekend with no free time, I also couldn't buy any more groceries to continue dieting. Therefore I was stuck for one week for one week with no food, it also meant that I had to dine out more nights that week. (More on that later.)

By Wednesday I finally got around to weighing myself, and I found that I had lost another few tenths of a Kilogram (the week before I was 85 something something this week I was 84 something something.)

Friday night I went out for dinner and discovered that I kind of hate tuna sushi. I like sushi, however tuna is usually frozen. Let me tell you fishcicles, are really quite disgusting. And at 35000 won for two people. I feel that I had lost a meal that night.

Now this all brings us to last night June 22nd. After extensive shopping, I finally built up a nice war refrigerator chest full of goodies that I plan to make and eat this week. Last night I had another wonderful "I diet," meal from the book. The meal was "I diet Asian pork barbecue."

You need:
One pork tenderloin
Some garlic
Some Ginger
Some Hoisin sauce
Some wine
And some onion.

Chop up all the vegetables with the wet ingredients to make a marinade. Then put the pork in the Marinade and let it sit for a day.

The next day, grill it.

I served mine with some rice and salad. Rice isn't very good i-diet food, but last Sunday I bought some award winning rice from Jinju that I wanted to try (Five Kilograms I think). My Gff said that the meal was fantastic, she said, "Best Barbeque ever." Personally I thought it was good but I don't know that it warranted such praise. This is a meal that I would recommend though.

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