Monday, December 17, 2012

What's a Bigger Insult to People's Intellegence?

2012 may be the signal for the end of the world.  According to the Mayans it isn't really, it is just the beginning of the 13th Baktun, I think.  On the winter solstice the Mayan calendar will restart. 

2012 was an important year for shifting world powers.  South Korea is set to elect a new president.  Also the Americans re-elected Barack Obama.  I would like to examine which countries' government thinks that their citizens are bigger rubes.

Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama spent 2 billion dollars trying to become president.  U.S.A., U.S.A.

Rather than spend money on attack ads, pollsters, statisticians, door knockers, direct mails, robot-calls, or even bumper stickers, Korean politicians develop choreography and buy old women matching hats and jackets so that they can dance on sidewalks near intersections.  Score one for Korea.

Tea party - need I say more.

South Koreans have a front row seat to see how keeping it in the family leads to shitty government.  Three generations of crazy Kims has left their brothers and sisters to the north in starving and on the brink of war.  South Koreans also hated George W. Bush (Son of George H.W. Bush) so much that during his presidency Korea's number one popstar to wish for the deaths of innocent American women and children.  And yet they think that this lady is going to do a good job: 

 Prior to the U.S. election a crazy gunman shot a U.S. Senator and killed numerous other people at a political rally. On August sixth, seven people were killed in a shooting at a Sheik temple. On July 20th a crazy gun man killed twelve people at the release of "Dark Knight Rises." These were the some of the most famous shooting during the election. Mass shootings were never discussed during the U.S. presidential election. In fact candidates got street cred for talking about how much they supported guns.

South Koreans passed on Ahn Cheol-Soo as their candidate. The polls showed that Mr. Sleepy Mcironmypants was beating him so he dropped out. The problem with Moon Jae In is that nobody really gives a shit about him. Ahn Cheol-Soo captured the imaginations of the young people, and they were excited about his candidacy. Moon Jae in is boring. ACS also has the advantage of being an internet security expert. North Korea frequently uses computer viruses to attack the south. I think president Ahnlab could have helped bolster the cyber defenses of the country, or at least he could have dropped a crazy stuxnet onto the North to set back their nuclear program.
Exciting isn't he?

My hope for the 13th Baktun is for our leaders to start acting like adults and try to help people. I don't really care who wins the South Korean presidential election. Both Moon Jae In and Park Geun Hye seem better than Lee Jeong Hee. (Really? You are going to talk shit about a woman's dead father on national T.V. Have you no decency? Sure the guy was a scumbag, but if you expect to beat Park Geun Hye, beat her on policy, don't let people sympathize with her by acting like an idiot. Oh yeah, I saw the rally that you had in front of Gyeongsang Univeristy, all thirty people that showed up seemed slightly amused. I was watching from Starbucks, you didn't even have the decency to say something to the three cops who were shaking down that poor kimbab delivery man. Oh wait let's look at it another way. The three cops didn't give enough of a shit about you to not hassle the poor kimbab delivery man. They were fucking bored. Someone could have probably thrown a sledgehammer at you without them batting an eye. ) So I really don't know who treats it's citizens like bigger idiots.

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