Thursday, November 10, 2011

Post Just for the Sake of Posting Something

I haven' put anything up on this site for about a month. My October was a bit of a commercial film of a different C.F. variety. First I moved houses in late September. Still haven't completely moved in. The new place doesn't have as much storage space as the other one did. A week later my folks came to visit, and that was great, but it was also a bit busy too.

The Jinju Lantern Festival was a bit disappointing this year. Last year it was pretty awesome. They had this floaty thing in the water where you could watch soap operas in the middle of the water. They didn't have that this year, just the same mass of humanity.

Then the baby got sick and had to stay a week in the hospital. That sucked. It sucks worrying. It also sucks staying in a hospital with other sick people. I also had a hard time trusting the doctors and how they are so quick to stick I.V.s in babies. The treatments worked though and he's a bit better.

Now it's November.

I started up with my practice of Kumdo again. It feels great to get a different form of exercise. I've been Tae Kyoning it pretty hard since March. I took some time off of Kumdo cuz it took too much time and money away from the family. I found a way to make them both work though.

Meat Buffets

Had lunch today at a meat buffet. All you can eat meat for 9,900. Pork, beef, marinated beef, marinated pork, all there. Just go up to a cooler, pile your choices up on a plate, take it back to your seat and grill it up. I'm super meated out now.

On blogging

We live in a decadent society. We live at a time when you can eat dead animals without much effort for a low price. We also live in times where several people can discuss the merits of a Korea expat blogosphere. Fifteen years ago this type of thing was unimaginable because there wasn't such a thing as a blogosphere. It's kind of funny how so many adults can have such spirited debates about whether or not a blogosphere is racist, sexist, or any ----ist when a blogosphere is nothing but a bunch of dorks who write stuff just to feel important. (I don't discount myself from the race of dorks. Just read this blog and you will get a feel for the degree of my own dungeon master mentality.)

Seriously, a few weeks ago there was a big debate on some other blogs about bloggers who write about their sex lives on their blogs. I really don't care what complete strangers do or write about....but I think that the last thing that I would do if I wanted to get laid by an American woman/man or a Korean woman or man, is mention that I had a Korea blog as a positive point of my character.

A: Hey baby you want to go for a ride?

B: Sure can you handle my shit?

A: For sure, I can handle your shit. I'll handle your shit and get my hands all poopy.

B: You talk all dirty.

A: I don't want to get my hands too poopy though because later I want to write about my own personal difficulties while teaching English Korea. I have gone through as many keyboards as there are notches on my bed post.

B: Really? You have a Korea blog? That's amazing.

A: Yeah I cover all of the topics. I try to write the expression "Kimchi fart," at least fifty times in one week. I also don't like how things change at the last minute.

B: What's your blog called, I'll check it out after we have sex.

A: It's called "Last Minute Kimchi." I'm linked with all of the best Korea blogs out there. "Kimchi time," "School and Kimchi," "My Kimchi experience," and my favorite one "Daryl in Busan Kimchi."

B: Oh, shit your talking about Korea blogging just made me wet. I think that if I see a paragraph about how contracts have no bearing in Korea, I'm totally going to have like seven orgasms.

A: Let's do it baby.

On the suffix gasm
It's really becoming a bit of a cliche. Please stop using gasm as a suffix, everybody, it's not cute anymore. I get the feeling that people aren't having orgasms anymore. It's all just foodgasms, clothinggasms, and other kinds of gasms. I get the feeling that we are just a year or two away before advertisers really ruin the word. I would hate to have to order a cheesegasm pizza at pizza hut. Being double stuffed is bad enough.

On putting pictures of your baby on the internet

Just don't fucking do it. I understand what it is like to be a parent and want to show your little bundle of joy to the world, but damn, try thinking for a fucking second. People bitch and complain about Facebook invading people's privacy, but Facebook doesn't invade you or your families privacy when it is your stupid ass who puts pictures of your kids as your profile picture. Mark Zuckerberg didn't force you to do that, that was all you. I can't stand seeing that on Facebook and on blogs. I tend to invade my own privacy. I post videos of myself doing martial arts on this blog and on youtube, and I alone bear whatever adulation or hate comes my way. However, if you put your baby's picture on a blog or on facebook.....well guess what? You just invaded your own baby's privacy. It's not fair, the baby doesn't get a vote in the matter. Who knows?

Maybe the culture will change in the future so much that people don't care about their privacy. Putting it all out there is also a way to blend into the background. One minute people are all about you and your family, and the next minute they don't give a shit.

Anyway, I don't feel the need to do so. I don't really need other people to tell me how awesome my kid is. I like him plenty. Besides, he gets too much attention from middle aged Korean women who come close to kidnapping him. (Yep one time we were pushing him around in the stroller and some ladies at a market stopped us and insisted that they would watch him while we did our shopping....creepy)

On the Wonder Girls New Song
Not as good as Miss A.

On Space Exploration
I wish people would get interested in it again. It's been capturing my imagination recently. People have forgotten how the amazing the idea of walking on the moon is. CNN had a statistic recently about how many people have ever been alive. They figure that the number is about 500 billion. Of those 500 billion, only twelve have been on the moon. It makes me kind of disappointed that I teach English in Korea. On the other hand, I am happy to have a job. Just how the hell does one behave when they get back from the moon? Nothing else would matter. Would petty political bullshit even make any sense? Blah blah blah, Republican Democrat, fuck you I've been on the moon.

The End.
I have to get some actual work done.

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