Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Milestone!!!

Fun times in South East Korea is celebrating its first milestone. When you type: "jinju wol ah san" into google FTISEK is the first website to pop up. To celebrate this milestone we here at FTISEK have filmed a spring Wol ah san adventure! We will post it shortly. We are also thinking of starting a tour agency promoting adventures to the tri-myeon area of Jinju's Geumsan, Moonsan, and Jinseong Myeon's. Packages will include a pick up at any of Jinju's two intercity bus terminals. A hike up one or both of the peaks of Wol ah san. A point out of the airforce base where Korean heart throb, Jo In Seong, was stationed, and perhaps a delicious Naeng Myun Lunch at Ul Chigi Naengmyun and Kalbi.

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